The world in which we live confronts a radical new age, as technology connects a global population.  Emerging generations face uncertain futures.  The cost of living continues to rise as access to financial resources declines.  It seems as if the systems and institutions on which we have depended are either in danger of failing or are ineffective in dealing with the current demands. The church currently finds itself in the midst of a radical transformation, being forced to redefine what it means to be followers of Jesus.  We hear about dying, fading, declining congregations, and turn our eyes to the horizon, waiting for help to come.  [D]mergent seeks to offer a space for the fears and anxiety that beset us.

The emerging tribes (Generation X & the Millennial Generation) seek a place to explore faith, while existing tribes (Silent Generation & the Baby Boomers) seek a place to figure out what is going on in the religious world around them.  It is our hope that [D]mergent can be a place to help equip these tribes as they seek to embody faithfulness to Jesus in an emerging world.  We unapologetically seek justice for all and a deepened spirituality in community with others.

If this sounds like something you've been searching for, join us on the journey!