Ok, nerds.  As much as it would make our lives easier, this blog doesn't write itself.  We need help (depending on who you talk to, a lot of it).  

If you're a writer, we'd like for you to write for us.  If you don't consider yourself fancy, and would prefer to think of yourself as somebody who likes to write the odd piece now and again but who would never presume to self-designate as "writer," whatever.  We just need words to splash across the august pixels that comprise this web log.

Of course, we don't want just any words.  We'd like them to be well conceived and well crafted words—preferably about God and Jesus and the church and stuff.  We're pretty broad-minded, though.  If you think you've got something to share, tell us.

If you contact us and say, "I'd like to write for you, but I don't know what you're looking for," we will respond by saying something like, "Read the blog a bit.  Figure out what you're  looking for, then drop us a line.  If you really care about it, and write well, chances are we have somebody who reads our stuff that will care about it too."

But here's the thing: Just write.