This I (Don’t) Believe

Some friends are throwing around a novelty stating what they believe in 250 words or less. Here's my feeble foray into the madness. One caveat: I think belief is rigid and fluid all at once, meaning that one's "theology" (or whatever you want to call it), if it's worth anything, is always changing, shifting, responding, LEARNING. We can see as much in Paul's letters (yes, I just made a grandiose claim without providing any evidence whatsoever). That being said, this is where I am as of today: I believe that, in many respects, the god (little "g") of my understanding has utterly failed, which subsequently means that my understanding of God (big "G") has also failed -- I have not believed in God, but a god of my own creation, although I believe that there is overlap between the two.

I believe that I have yet to fully grasp the Kernel of who God truly is, but I also believe that this is no excuse to stop trying, reaching, grasping, praying, reading, talking, listening, laughing, crying, and thinking -- because while I believe this God is completely Other and Unattainable, I also believe that the Incarnation shows how Immediate, Near, Loving, and Un-Other God truly is.

I also believe, unequivocally, that God (big "G") is perfectly fine with me eating my steak medium rare.

By Darryl Schafer

Darryl Schafer is 6'7" tall. Because of this, he tries, albeit unsuccessfully, not to take himself too seriously. That's about it.