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Subverting the Norm 2: Can Postmodern Theology Live in the Churches?

Every so often a conference dares to ask the big questions about church, ministry, and theology without guaranteeing simple, sugar-coated pat answers, and that is precisely what is happening this April at "Subverting the Norm: Can Postmodern Theology Live in the Churches?" (April 5-6 at Drury University in Springfield, MO.)

Featuring dozens of provocative and influential postmodern theorists and practitioners like Peter Rollins and John Caputo, Subverting the Norm is the premier place to be for all those interested in the future of the church. Participants will reflect on questions such as:

Can the actually existing churches speak meaningfully and persuasively to those who aren’t so sure about the supernatural or the magical or the metaphysical, which includes the fastest growing religious demographic in North America, the “nones,” those with no formal religious affiliation?

Can the church retain a viable role in a world where God is often viewed as a relic of the past, or as a grand Santa Claus in the sky, or perhaps even as a narcotic or neurosis that we’d do well to get rid of?

And if the churches are to be faithful to the revolutionary event that gave birth to Christianity, or if they are to recover their theological voice in a compelling and transformative way, is it possible to do so by listening to voices on the margins of the church, or outside of the church, including even those who might rightly pass for atheists? And perhaps more to the point, why are voices on the fringes of the church, or outside of the church, becoming more influential on church leaders and practitioners than the traditionally “orthodox” voices inside the churches?

With tracks related to ministry, liturgy, worship, preaching, community organizing, art and much more, Subverting the Norm is the place to be for everyone interested in the future of postmodern ministry and the church.

To take advantage of the early-bird registration rate (expires Feb. 28), or to learn more, visit http://subvertingthenorm.wordpress.com.

Many thanks to co-sponsors Drury University and Phillips Theological Seminary for making it so affordable, even for students!