The Poetry of Heart

By Brian Carr

Poetry has always spoken to me on vast and deep levels. It provides beauty and truth to me, often challenging the conventional ways that I think.

This is why I love the Bible. Many of the books in the Bible, especially in the Hebrew Bible, are poetic in nature, and therefore are wonderful sources of spirituality for me.

Genesis is my favorite book of the Bible, and it is easy for me to find and understand the poetry of that book. The creation stories in Genesis are the deepest sources of truth that I have experienced from the Bible.

These stories tell us who we were, who we are, and who we could be. They are both past and present. They were written then, but speak now.

In my ever-continuing journey on spirituality, I started writing poetry as an expression of who I am and what I believe.

This poem below works with the creation stories, my concepts of God, and my own life experiences. I share it with the hope that it might speak to you.


In the beginning there is nothing
Chaos and calamity rule the day
Darkness and silence are the only realities here
There is nothing
Tohu va vohu
Silence, chaos, darkness
And yet how could this be a mistake?
Because in the beginning there is God
Nothing is something
The ending is the beginning
Life is lived
And God speaks
Loud as the rolling thunder and soft as a loving whisper
Darkness is replaced by light
Fear by hope
Waves crash, earth rumbles
Oceans fill and mountains rise
Birds chirp, animals roar
Trees rustle and grass grows
For these are the sounds of creation
The floodgates are open
And the earth is washed over with sight, sound, smell
A song rises in the air
Heard through the gentle touch of the wind
Its harmony carried day and night
God is the mosaic and the mosaic is earth