REFORMATION II - an invitation

Sunday, October 31, 2010on the 493rd anniversary of the posting of the Thesis of Martin Luther

An Invitation

I am tired of God being used as a political, liturgical or personal bludgeon.

I am weary of God and Jesus and Christianity and church and scripture being abusively used in the service of or as an excuse or a justification for: death, war, murder, destruction, violence, oppression, condemnation, retribution, vengeance, hate, fear, slavery, systemic injustice, oppression, condemnation, retribution, exclusion, segregation, discrimination, sectarianism and censorship. I reject these actions. These actions are evil, are not of God or from God, are no part of the Good News message, are not how life is lived in the Kingdom of God.

There is no spiritual validity to worshipping God as though God were a narcissistic Greco-Roman pagan deity or as a nationalistic cheerleader and protector.

It has been 493 years since Martin Luther posted his Thesis on the door of Wittenberg Cathedral. It is time – long past time – for a posting of another thesis and for the same reason – to reclaim the church.

On Sunday, October 31, 2010, here at [D]mergent, the Second Reformation will begin. On the 493rd anniversary of the first reformation, God and Jesus and worship and the Good News message and Christian theology will be reclaimed. The universal faith of hope will replace a civic religion of fear. The universal faith of love will replace a civic religion of hate. The universal faith of universal inclusion will replace a civic religion of exclusion. The universal faith that holds justice as healing and rehabilitation and restoration will replace a civic religion that holds justice as abandonment and abuse and obliteration. On that day, it will be proclaimed that a parochial and civic and nationalistic God of judgment and conditional acceptance has been replaced by the one true God of unqualified grace and unrestrained love. This is a not progressive theology revolution. This is a reclaiming of the original Christian fundamentalism.

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Until October 31…

Peace, Douglas C. Sloan