Monday Morning Musings [08/16/10]

Yesterday after worship, I drove to a nearby town to attend my first PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) (Or At Least That Is What I Think This Acronym Means) meeting since moving to Kentucky.  Every person there had stories to tell of how they, or their GLBT loved ones, have faced ridicule and harsh condemnation, most specifically from Christians and from churches.  I heard stories of being shunned, being told they are going to hell, all from Christians.  What was so remarkable to me is that most of these people who shared these stories of being so horribly treated by Christians still call themselves Christians as well.  Even more surprising to me is that most of these ones shared that they still attend church.  While driving home after this first (of many to come) PFLAG meeting, it made any words I might have shared in the pulpit yesterday pretty insignificant.  Rather than my babbling on in the pulpit, I need to have these folks from PFLAG to come share their stories.  Their stories of faith, despite all the horrific abuse they face from those who claim that same faith makes my faith, and the faith of most church folks I know, seem very small.

By Scott Rollins