Monday Morning Musings [08/09/10]

This past week I was reminded why so many people have no desire to be any part of what we call church. I can't share fully,because the walls have eyes you know, but I came face to face, for the first time, with an "onfire" real live fundamentalist. I was reminded, quite tersely, of how I "don't believe the Bible" because I assert that I take the Bible seriously but not always literally. I was reminded that I am not of God because I don't wholesalely reject a certain group of people as anti-Christian. It had been a while since I had been confronted by a real live fundy, I had even begun to think that such a way of thinking had gone the way of pork-chop mustaches and blue jean shorts, i.e., that they had moved away, at least from me. I had begun to think that all of them had moved to the creationism museum that exists somewhere in my state. My getting ambushed by a fundy this week reminds me I was wrong.  They are here, they are among us. And while they are indeed fundamentalists, they are anything but fun.

I don't want to bother reciting the many reasons why such an exclusivistic expression of faith has so many flaws, from a faith or reason perspective; nor do I want to try to understand how such a polarizing expression of faith can have any hint of being "good news." All I want to say on this is that I would rather quit my job in the church, quit church for that matter, and go pump gas somewhere rather than have to subscribe to such an un-fun faith. It also makes me glad that I have given up trying to figure out who God loves most, except to think that God probably loves all of us more than we can imagine. And glad that I can say "I don't know why" when awful shit happens, rather than saying it was God's will that so-and-so died, etc. And glad that I can sit in the room with people hugely different from me, whether by religion or political bent or sexual identity or ethncity, and not have to determine how I am right and they are wrong.

You know, that run-in I had last week with the fundy was indeed awful, and led to more than one night of fitful sleep. But it did make me appreciate once again why I believe how I do. And why I will always choose fun rather than fundy.

By Scott Rollins