Monday Morning Musings [08/02/10]

Yesterday's text was that familiar parable of the rich farmer who has such an abundant crop that he tears down his barns to build bigger barns to hold all his stuff.  Generally this guy gets really bashed in the commentaries, calling him the rich fool and such.  BUt to read his story, isn't he the ideal example of the self-made man?  He makes his money not by cheating others or manipulating the market but by good old-fashioned hard work.  He doesn't blow his money (as the prodigal son will do in a later parable), and he has set aside enough of his own stuff that he won't be needing government (or anyone else's) welfare assistance in his older days.  Imagine if we had more of such folk running around today?  No, I don't think many of us would see this guy as a fool.  But God does, God even calls him a fool.  God calls foolish all our many ways of seeking security and meaning in life outside of God's self.

By Scott Rollins