This I Believe

I Believe in God in whom I “live and move and have my being.” I believe in a God who wraps around me and the world in ways I cannot understand, a constant presence through whom all things exist and who is with me in all my journeys, tragic and triumphant.

I Believe in Jesus, called Christ, sent by God to teach us a new way to live, a way of focusing on building the Kingdom of God on earth, a way of living in peace and justice.

I believe that Jesus’ convictions led him where the powers that be could not tolerate his presence and threat and led ultimately to his death.

I believe that after his death the power of his love and presence and the power of God said “YES” in the face of the earthly powers’ “NO” and death was defeated.

I believe in a Spirit that guides us in building the Kingdom on earth, where poverty,hunger, injustice, intolerance and hatred are erased.

I BELIEVE THIS IS POSSIBLE,although perhaps not completed in my lifetime.

I Believe and commit myself to the creating of this Kingdom.

I believe in tears, the cleansing act of the divine in my daily life.

I believe in hugs, from believers and non-believers alike, as an outreach of the God in a concrete way.

I believe in friendship, the connection of the divine in me and in you. I believe in love, justice,peace and grace.

By Sherrill Morris

Sherrill M. Morris is a Licensed Professional Minister in the Christian Church (Disciple of Christ), Central Rocky Mountain Region.  As a lesbian, she was denied ordination or licensure for 18 years and only recently has it become available to her.  Now she is unsure if she will pursue ordination because "The people who care about my ministry don't care about the letters after my name and the people who care about the letters after my name don't accept my ministry."  She is licensed to Fireside Christian Church, an intentional home church in the Metro Denver area, which has for 15+ years, gladly welcomed people of all shapes, sizes, economic stations, sexual orientations and more.  They do not pay their staff, neither do they own any property, which allows them to focus 100% of their time and financial gifts on fellowship, hands on mission, study and sharing at the table.