This I Believe

I believe in one holy God,Creator of all that exists, who forms and shapes creation in all its diversity and proclaims all things good, indeed very good.

I believe in Jesus, the Christ, the unique and passionate child of God, who embodied God's fullest intentions for human life; born of Mary, Jesus shares our life; baptized as one of us, Jesus walks with us; giving his life in the service of all, Jesus proclaimed and embodied the coming reign of God, living with justice, mercy, and humility; Jesus reached out to those on the margins of society, seeking to bring them into the beloved community; being faithful to God, Jesus angered the powers of the day and was executed as a common criminal, but God was not content for evil to have the last word, raising Jesus from death to life again in the beloved community, God broke the powers of evil and death, promising that all things would come under the reign of the Christ in the fullness of time.

I believe in the Holy Spirit who calls the Church into being and gives us the strength and courage to live as followers of Jesus, who assures us in the waters of baptism that death is not the end and nourishes us for the journey of faith at the table of Christ, and is moving all things toward the reconciliation God intends.

By Wes Jamison

Rev. Wes Jamison is a minister-at-large (meaning he doesn’t have a call to a specific congregation at this point) for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ.  He holds a B.A. in Religion and Journalism from Milligan College and an M.Div. from Emmanuel School of Religion.  Jamison currently serves as National Field Organizer for the Institute for Welcoming Resources, a joint project of the welcoming church programs and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.  He also currently chairs the Open and Affirming Ministries Program for GLAD (Gay, Lesbian, and Affirming Disciples) Alliance.  Jamison lives on a farm near Blacksburg, Virginia.  He has been in the Search and Call process for over four years now and continues to seek a call as a parish minister.