This I Believe: God in the Flesh

I believe that God is no glutton for punishment. I believe that God willingly suffered a lifetime of human existence, but God only did it once. As Jesus of Nazareth, God timed this once-in- eternity lifetime to occur at the crossroads of civilization and history in order to send a message throughout the world for the remainder of human existence. I believe that as Jesus, God suffered the worst kind or rejection, injustice and execution to demonstrate God’s love for God’s creation. For God so loved humankind that God became a fellow human, making God’s forgiveness personal and meaningful.

I believe that wrestling with the Gospel -- the story, the concept, and all the implications – inspires Christians to resist the decay of this world’s fallen state.

I believe every word written in red. Therefore, I believe that everyone who condemns, judges, hates, envies and resents is missing the point.

I believe it is the duty of every Disciple to profess and practice the outrageous forgiveness demonstrated in the life and death of Jesus. I believe we are beggars at the banquet, and that our highest calling is to invite our fellow beggars to enjoy the feast.

I believe we congregate as a church to compare notes, because no one knows everything and everyone is dead wrong about something. If we understood this saying, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice,” we would not condemn the innocent – and we’d usually let the guilty off the hook as well.

By Joel Tucker