My Credo: The God Beyond God

Gentle readers, what follows is my credo. It's not all I believe; nor do I claim that I live up to it on a routine basis. Yet I offer it to you in the spirit of sharing how things look from my vantage point.


I believe the world as it exists is thoroughly fallen from the creation God intended. It gives the lie to all facile ideologies of human perfectability and historical progress. Beneath the fragile tissue mask of human optimism lies a vast reservoir of grief no human imagination can fathom. It resists all of our efforts to eradicate it; its seeming limitlessness frustrates even the most earnest attempts to minimize it.

I believe that at the end of all our projects; at the end of the road, after all lights have gone out; after the death of ourselves and all we care about; after the death of hope, of faith, of God even; beyond all this, God meets us-- the God beyond God. We discover, after it is all over, that all this time God walked alongside us: Jesus the Christ, Son of God and Son of Man.

I believe that this last truth is the hardest one for us to bear. Yet it is all that can save us. For it is in that recognition alone that we are able to stare down the abyss of the world's suffering without looking away in shame and disgust. It is all that allows us to look upon others with eyes untainted by hatred. It is this recognition alone that allows us to be truly compassionate, which is all that allows us to be--at last--human.

By Brian Cubbage

Brian Cubbage is a member and Elder of Douglass Boulevard Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Louisville, KY. He and his wife, Cheryl, have a young (but rapidly growing) son. Brian has numerous interests, some more embarrassing than others. The picture is not really of Brian; photos of him are rumored to exist but their authenticity is highly doubtful.