Monday Morning Musings [05/24/10]

How the Holy Spirit is working 100 words or less.  That was the title and theme of my Pentecost sermon yesterday.  I stole the theme from a posting on, and I asked several of my Disciple minister colleagues to share.  And what I found interesting was the huge variety of how my colleagues and I sense God's Spirit at work today.  Some were along personal lines, such as having that "something" inspire them as they sought to write a sermon, or finding oneself in a place/setting where one would never ever never want to be but finding that very place to be the very place that would soon be home.  Others talk along more outwardly-focused lines:  that the Spirit blows in our world in ways we may not see but we do see its effects (much as the wind blowing blades of grass), that the Spirit is at work re-creating God's intention for the world wherever there is abuse, neglect, corruption, etc.And then others shared of how the Spirit is at work even in the life of the church:  where reconciliation is taking place with all those who have been shut out by society and the church, because of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual identity.  When break is broken with Jews and Muslims.  When young people choose to go on a mission trip, where they will sweat and work and sleep uncomfortably, rather than sit home and play video games.  When infants are baptized and the sick are visited. Oh, there were lots of sharings from my colleagues, often in more than in 100 words.  But in reading all them over, what I liked best is that none of them talked about the church getting bigger.  Not that I'm against that, mind you, but it was refreshing that none of these sharings talked about making "us" bigger.  Instead, all these sharings moved towards God's mission for the world, and we the church finding places to share in that mission.  Maybe the Spirit is indeed at work in us, reminding us that the Spirit's work isn't about us (about our preserving our institutions and our buildings and growing our church budget, etc) but about what God is doing and calling us to do.

by Scott Rollins