[D]mergent was formed out of our experience with the emerging tribes of Generation X & the Millennial Generation.  As we sought to minister in this emerging context we became aware of the need to move beyond traditional models and witness the Spirit moving in nontraditional spaces.  We saw a need for a space in which people concerned about the direction of mainline denominations could gather together to offer a creative vision of where committed followers of Jesus might extend—and in many cases, seek to transform—the legacy of mainline Christianity.  

We desire to be a part of a movement toward wholeness.  We live in a fragmented world, finding welcome and reconciliation at the table, as well as a charge to be welcoming and reconciling. 

We embrace all who come with earnest hearts and a willingness to engage each other in thoughtful, honest, and compassionate discussion.  We seek to be a space committed to envisioning the unfolding reign of God, a space in which we encourage prophetic imagination in the service of seeking justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God.

Part of what we take to be our mission lies in helping the church to think creatively about what kind of transformation will be necessary for the church to be a faithful witness to emerging generations in a post-denominational world.

So, ok nerds, if that sounds like your your kinda gig, then hang on for a boatload of awesome!